Better Street Scapes

Better Streetscapes

Whether you are creating child-friendly crosswalks, safe intersections in high-traffic areas or ADA-compliant sidewalks in older or new neighborhoods, we listen carefully to your needs and find practical, cost-effective solutions that work.

We can transform most asphalt surfaces into functional yet attractive solutions that keep performing under extreme traffic and all kinds of weather.

Our streetscape solutions install quickly: most applications take hours, not days, with limited street closures or traffic disruptions. Projects can be installed on new or most existing asphalt.

Our products offer more design flexibility than traditional materials

You’ll save on material, labor and maintenance without sacrificing design. What impression do you want to make? You can make it happen with the unlimited design flexibility of Shariden Design Asphalt. Your community will thank you.

  • Choose the powerful combination of DuraTherm and StreetPrint to create durable sidewalks, level medians, crosswalks, safe school routes, intersections and more.
  • Use Ride-A-Way to create colored, highly visible bicycle lanes.
  • Choose LogoTherm to integrate your city’s logo or other brand marks into your streetscape.

Efficient and speedy installation delivers savings from the start — and you’ll keep on saving for years to come. Our products are designed to take the wear and tear of tough traffic and extreme heat and cold. They are easy to maintain: there is no shifting, breaking or buckling. Level medians and crosswalks are snowplow resistant and can be easily and seamlessly patched after underground installations or repairs.

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