Ride-A-Way Corridor treatment with little to low vehicle traffic

What Is Ride-A-Way?

Ride-A-Way is a high-performance premium coating system consisting of epoxy modified acrylic polymers blended with sand and aggregate, which is applied directly onto an asphalt surface. Its UV-stable pigments provide long-lasting color and texture for consistent visibility and traction – and safer cycling.

Ride-A-Way for Safer Bike Lanes

Ride-A-Way’s brightly colored bike lanes are highly visible and safe. Studies show there are fewer traffic accidents where they are in use. Available in a variety of colors, Ride-A-Way performs well and holds up season after season.

With Ride-A-Way you can:

  • create safe, skid-resistant surfaces
  • safely install bike lanes with our water-based and environmentally-friendly products
  • maintain vibrant colors.
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