StreetBondCL Bike and Bus Lane Colorization

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Easy to apply, quick to install StreetBondCL is highly durable in harsh climates and high traffic areas.
StreetBondCL coatings are available in a variety of colors. Custom color orders can also be requested.


  • Colored bus lanes
  • Colored bicycle lanes
  • Enhance visibility of cycling lanes
  • Increase awareness of and safety for cyclists

streenbond cl colors

  • Increased traffic safety
  • Reduced traffic interaction
  • Increased cyclist visibility
  • Greater motorist awareness
  • Reduced incidence of road accidents involving cyclists
  • Increased use of bicycle as mode of transportation


  • Reduced traffic interruption due to ease and speed of installation
  • Minimal maintenance due to high durability of product
  • Economical – installed price is a fraction of alternative solutions
  • Highly visible standard or custom color choices



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