Better Parking Lots


What commercial image do you want to reflect in your parking lot?

With the unlimited design flexibility of DuraTherm and StreetPrint, you can make it happen.

Our parking lot solutions install quickly and can be completed overnight on new or most existing asphalt.

Fast and easy installation minimizes disruption and cost.

  • Nighttime installation eliminates interference with your customer flow.
  • Level medians guide vehicular traffic and eliminate the need for costly raised-concrete curbs. Snowplowing is easier and less expensive too
  • You can avoid costly concrete sidewalks. Asphalt can be installed right up to your entrances. StreetPrint then creates an attractive welcoming sidewalk
  • Fully ADA-compliant, DuraTherm provides increased safety and accessibility with its consistently smooth and vibration-free surfaces.
  • StreetPrint is an excellent solution for channeling pedestrian traffic.
  • DuraTherm’s unprecedented durability is perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Custom LogoTherm design is the flexible solution to your design needs.
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